If you have a concern about a covenant violation within the community of Legacy Park, please complete the information below. You should first review the Legacy Park covenants to ensure your concern is within the covenant guidelines. You must provide/identify specifically what covenants are being violated and the address where the violation is occurring. Thank you for your efforts in keeping Legacy Park a great place to live!

    Information marked with an asterisk (*) must be provided or no action will be taken. Note: Your name will be kept confidential.

    Note: covenants differ with the applicable covenants determined by the Phase and Section in which you live. When identifying the covenant being violated, in addition to the referenced paragraph you must identify the Phase, Section, Book, and page number. The Phase and Section of your covenants are located on the facing page of the covenants with the Book number located on the facing page in the upper right-hand corner. Page numbers are also found in the upper right-hand corner of each page (disregard the pagination at the bottom of each page).

    Please provide pictures. Pictures of the violation are helpful in determining compliance.

    We will process your request within approximately 5-7 business days.